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PICC Education

What is vascular access? 
A member of you healthcare team may tell you that you need to have a hollow tube or a PICC line put into vein. This is called vasuclar access.
The tube or PICC line is called a vascular access device, catheter or line. the line lets the healthcare team put medicines and special liquids known as solutions into your bloodstream that are used to take care of you. 
Your healthcare team 
is made up of: 
  • YOU 
  • Your doctors, nureses, and other people caringfor you. 
The Right Patient 
It is important that you get the right vascular access device. the healthcare team will consider the following: 
  • How long will you need to have a vascular access device or line?
  • What do you need to get better
  • Do you need special test?
  • Do you have other  special needs for a vascular access device or PICC line such as blood test?
  • Are the medicines and solutions that you need gentle or harsh on the veins?
  • Will the reason you are getting a vascular access device or PICC line increase your chance for having vasuclar access problems?
  • Have you had a vascular access device or line before? If so- did you have any problems? 
  • Have you had a vascular device or line before. 
  • Do you have healthy skin or veins?
  • Do you have other help problems. 

Why is it important for me to know about vascular access?
The best vascular access is:
The Right Line to care for you safely
The Right Patient (YOU) because all patients are not the same 
The Right Time to help you get better faster without problems 
There are many types of vasucular access devices or lines. your healthcare team will decide what type of line you get. You are a part of the decision because it is important to choose the Right Line, for the Right Patient at the Right Time.  

What is the Right line for me?
There are two types of lines: 
Peripheral Lines: are put into small veins of the hand and arm and end in those veins. Some peripherally placed catheters (e.g. PICCs) are placed peripherally but end in the large veins near the heart.  
Central Lines: are put into large veins of the arm, neck, chest or groin and end in the large veins near the heart. 
The type of vascular access device or line that is best for you is one that will allow you to get medecines and solutions put into your bloodstream safely. 
Some medicines and solurions can dage small veins because of their strength. these medicines and solutions need to be given  into large vein to keep this from happening. 
Because blood flows very fast in the large vein leading to the heart, medicines and solutions can mix quickly with blood  This prevents damage that may be caused by some medicines and solutions when they are given into a small vein like those in the hand or in the arm.    

The Right Time
The Right Time means to make sure you get the vascular access device or PICC line that is best for you as soon as you need it. 
You may get a vascular access device or PICC line as soon as your care begins that will take care of all your needs. 
Sometimes, the first type of vascular access device or line is changed to a different type depending on your condition and your need to have other kinds of medications or treatments.