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Call Us Today!
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Welcome to VAC's "Line Alert"

VAC is here for you !

Vascular Access & Consulting (VAC) takes an active role in meeting your patients and facility's needs. The "Line Alert" process is a way for you to keep in contact with VAC  and alert us with any issue related to your patients or facility's vascular access needs.

Examples of a "Line Alert"

Together we are a team !
  • PICC or CVC not drawing
  • PICC or CVC not flushing (one or all lumens)
  • New admit with no access
  • Need more access
  • PICC, PIV or CVC site looks infected
  • PICC, PIV or CVC looks or is infiltrated
  • Patient is having pain related vascular access
  • Unable to obtain a viable access
These are some examples for which you would initiate a line alert. This is not an all-inclusive list. If you are having problems with vascular access then VAC wants to help.

How to initiate a "Line Alert"

Lets be proactive!
The "Line Alert" process is a great way to be proactive in meeting your patients vascular access needs. The process is easy and quick. Please complete the form below with your First and Last Name in the "Name" section, your email address in the "Email" section, the name of the facility you are associated with "Facility" section, list your reason for the "Line Alert" (i.e. PICC not drawing) in the "Subject" section, and put the patient room number and a summary of the issue you need assistance with in the "Message" section.
After the form is complete enter the graphic security code and click the "Submit" button. A VAC  representative will then contact you regarding your issue.

Line Alert Form:


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