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Call Us Today!
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About Us

Vascular Access & Consulting's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality vascular access on an as-needed or preventative basis.  We have created a company that we believe in and choose for our own family members.

Our specialist are Certified Registered Nurse Infusionist (CRNI) and have years of experience in the area of vascular access.  

What is CRNI?

The Certified Registered Nurse Infusionist (CRNI®) credential is the only nationally recognized and accredited certification ininfusion nursing. INCC’s accreditations anda 25-year proven track record assures thepublic, employers, and nurses that the CRNI® credential is a credible and reliable method of validating a nurse’s experience in the specialty of infusion therapy.


The value of Vascular Access & Consulting, LLC (VAC) is not in the performance of routine tasks, but in the process change involved with proactive vascular access planning at patient admission. Screening patients upon admission based on their diagnosis and pharmacological needs allows for early determination of the appropriate vascular access. This results not only in revenue savings for hospitals, but also in improved patient and staff satisfaction. Our team is committed to the highest level of patient care and satisfaction. We believe in assisting patients in their recovery by providing efficient and compassionate service. Certified Registered Nurse Infusionists (CRNI) utilize ultrasound guidance with Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) which ensures successful placement at the time of insertion. Lines will be placed the same day they are ordered, typically no more than a few hours after you call.

VAC Leading the way in  Vascular Access!

​​VAC takes serious the preservation of the needed vessels for fistula creation. We take a proactive approach to vein preservation. Avoidance of arm and subclavian veins for central venous catheters, time can be added to these patients’ lives. VAC follows all the recommend guidelines and recommendations set forth by the National Kidney Foundation and Fistula First for vascular access in renal patients. We work closely with your nephrologist to make sure we get the right line for you.

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Vascular Access & Consulting (VAC)

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